Wolftank Group, a leading international expert in environmental technology and full-service provider for gas stations, based in Innsbruck, is taking the next step to expand its activities in climate-friendly (bio) natural gas and (green) hydrogen solutions. After a recently announced cooperation with Kuwait Petroleum Italia, Wolftank Group has now agreed on a cooperation with the German APEX Group.

The APEX Group, based in Rostock-Laage, Germany, is an expert in commercial hydrogen plants: the company focuses on customised hydrogen solutions for decentralised green energy supply and is an actve participant in the field of hydrogen production. Wolftank Group, in turn, has a high level of expertise in the field of hydrogen storage and transport. APEX is already working on the realisation of 12 projects for hydrogen energy supply, each of which include refuelling facilities for vehicles.
The two companies have signed a cooperation agreement with the aim of ensuring an interdisciplinary technology transfer between hydrogen solutions for mobility and solutions for decentralised green energy supply for industrial and neighbourhood solutions. The cooperation will focus on hydrogen refuelling stations for commercial vehicles and buses (with 350bar) and passenger cars (with 700bar) as well as integrated solutions for upgrading existing refuelling stations. Wolftank and APEX thus aim to make a competitive contribution to the decarbonisation of Germany and its neighbouring markets.

“The Wolftank Group has built up high expertise in creating sustainable and efficient energy solutions. The cooperation with Apex is another milestone on this path. Our common goal is a CO2-free energy supply with holistic, innovative solutions. In the future, our customers will benefit from our combined strengths, whose energy solutions we will optimise together, especially in the DACH region. Therewith we offer a substantial reduction of the CO2 footprint, significant savings in energy and operating costs and a more resource-friendly plant utilisation”, says Peter Werth, CEO of the Wolftank Group. The cooperation fits seamlessly into Wolftank’s corporate and sustainability strategy.

About APEX Group:

APEX Group is one of the pioneers of the green energy transition movement. The company has its headquarters in Rostock/Laage. It enables customers to convert their own and conventional energy supply to green hydrogen in a decentralised manner. This includes project development, procurement and construction as well as management and maintenance. In recent years, the APEX Group has developed its own hydrogen pressure storage systems together with the Fraunhofer Institute to ensure a reliable supply. Together with established research institutions (especially the Leibniz Institute for Catalysis), the Rostock-based company is currently developing the next major innovation: the chemical storage of hydrogen. In March 2021, the company commissioned the largest network-coupled hydrogen plant in Europe at that time. This will enable the APEX Group to supply its company site and, in the future, the neighbouring industrial park completely CO2-neutral.

About Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG:

Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG is the parent company of an international group of companies focusing on the turnkey construction of modular hydrogen and LNG fuelling facilities, the dismantling of traditional fuelling stations with appropriate soil remediation (environmental protection services for polluted soils, facilities and waters), and the remediation and monitoring of (large-scale) fuelling facilities.

The share of Wolftank-Adisa Holding AG (WKN: A2PBHR; ISIN: AT0000A25NJ6) is listed in the direct market plus segment of Vienna Stock Exchange and traded (open market) on Xetra, Quotrix, the Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf stock exchanges.

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